Enhance International Limited, Research Ethics by Dr David Coles

Enhance International Limited was established in 2006 to conduct research and to providing help and advice to international academics, industry and policy-makers on research ethics, societal aspects of new technologies and research policy development.


Attention to ethical issues is increasingly a mandatory requirement of researchers by organisations funding research across all scientific disciplines. Enhance International Limited specialises in advice, training and support on all aspects of ethics in planned or ongoing research. We have extensive experience of addressing ethical issues across all areas of research including:

> Applied Ethics Research
> Social Research
> Forsight Studies including Delphi Methodology
> Health systems research>
> Development of Research Policy Advice>
> Advice and Training on Research Ethics and Governance
> Advice and Training on Proposal Writing

Other Services 

Enhance International also provides workshops and training on:

> Research ethics
> Writing research applications
> Societal aspects of new technologies
> Risk communication
> Policy development
> Research Activity
> Delphi studies